Kaye Z. Cantwell, LCSW, APHSW-C Circle of Life Transitions
Kaye Z. Cantwell, LCSW, APHSW-CCircle of Life Transitions

Kaye Cantwell, LCSW, APHSW-C, offers End of Life consultations and counseling for patients and families facing chronic or terminal debilitating illnesses.  


She brings decades of experience as a Clinical Social Worker in Hospice, Oncology, Palliative Care, trauma and critical incidents.  She has worked with Covid-19 deaths, Neonatal deaths, as well as suicide and sudden death in a hospital setting.


She is a seasoned speaker and offers workshops on topics such as

-Colorado Medical Aid In Dying Navigation and Policy Clarification,  

- Research using psilocybin mushrooms for treating people with anxiety around their terminal illnesses,

-Caregiver/ Practitioner Compassion Fatigue.

End of Life Counseling

Providing In-Home counseling and grief work for those facing the losses from living with Parkinson's, ALS, Cancer, COPD.

For patients and families facing end of life, she provides anticipatory grief work, along with Palliative consultations with resource and level of care assessments.  

Kaye assists families and physicians navigating the Colorado End of Life Options Act procedures.

She allows for  MAID (Medical Aid In Dying) and VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking) discussions and preparation for patients and their family members.

In-home grief survival work can be provided for children as well. 



Getting Affairs in Order

As our seasons slip by we are flooded with the memories associated with the approaching new season.  As our children's and our parents' life seasons slip by we are flooded with joyful memories of what was, and the realistic concerns of what is to come.

Most families need help with the  tasks of creating clear advanced directives, appointing Medical and Financial Power of Attorneys, and exploring depth of medical interventions desired with assistance in determining when repeated  ineffective efforts have become too painful and invasive.  

Palliative care consultations are for assessing pros and cons of all options of treatment and defining what would provide comfort for the patient and family.  Kaye, along with your Primary Physician, assists in assessing financial, emotional, and physical resources of you and your family in moving forward on this  journey. 

Prolonging living is valuable, prolonging dying is a very different thing. 

Repatterning Sessions

For 20 years in her private practice, Kaye has used a blend of traditional and alternative modalities with individuals and couples.  In this work she identifies and releases repetitive old patterns, freeing one to experience new positive responses and coping methods. Her skill and intuitive accuracy create profound and lasting results.  These sessions can be done on adults, children, couples, and even patients in a non-responsive or demented state.  

Call for a demonstration of this amazing technique. 



Navigating through Life's Transitions

As life continues to unfold, change is the one certainty.  Providing support and resources through these turbulent changes is my passion.   I acknowledge that the opportunity to walk along side another person during challenging moments of one's life journey is a sacred honor.  

I look forward to exploring your questions and ideas.  

Sincerely, Kaye


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