Kaye Z. Cantwell, LCSW, APHSW-C Circle of Life Transitions
Kaye Z. Cantwell, LCSW, APHSW-C Circle of Life Transitions

Kaye Cantwell  offers support for patients and families facing life limiting illnesses.  


She brings decades of experience as a Clinical Social Worker in Hospice, Oncology, Palliative Care, trauma and critical incidents.  

She has established alternative practices for anticipatory grief work as well as preparation and integration work with psychedelic assisted therapy cases.  

As the Colorado Natural Medicine Act allows new visionary tools for patients and families, Kaye is committed to providing support , education, and guidance through existential distress of terminal diagnosis and disease progression.  The opportunity for transforming fear of death into curiosity of the next adventure is becoming a welcome reality. 



Kaye is a seasoned speaker and offers workshops on topics such as:  

- Current Colorado laws on use and practices with psilocybin mushrooms for treatment of anxiety around     terminal illness,

-Updates in Colorado laws for Medical Aid In Dying and navigating policies for patients and families,

-Caregiver/ Practitioner Compassion Fatigue.

End of Life Counseling

Providing In-Home counseling and grief work for those facing  life threatening illnesses, this work explores the patient's goals and fears to create the optimal mind "Set" for moving forward.   

For patients and families facing end of life, Kaye provides anticipatory grief work, allowing for discussions of current Natural Medicine Laws and how that could impact patient fears and goals.  Kaye also uses Music Therapy tools to assist patients and families to create customized music "playlist" for potential psychedelic journeys or end of life final journey. 

Kaye assists families and physicians navigating the Colorado End of Life Options Act procedures.

She allows for  MAID (Medical Aid In Dying) and VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking) discussions and preparation for patients and their family members.


Below please click link for EOLPC.org inspirational video interview of Thomas Hartle.



Moving Forward Fearlessly

Facing serious illness with an uncertain prognosis often leaves us in various states of shock, trepidation, overwhelm, frantic activities, or frozen with numbness.  

Most families need help prioritizing the  tasks of tests and treatments,  appointing Medical and Financial Power of Attorneys, exploring depth of medical interventions desired and available, and determining if interventions are worth risks and side effects to come. Clarifying the patient's emotional, physical, and life goals and defining what limitations they hold as their sacred boundary are vital first steps. 

Kaye provides space for you and your family to look deeply into your values and needs. Setting these intentions and making them known to the family sets the stage for lovingly navigating the journey moving forward.


Repatterning Set and Setting

For 25 years in her private practice, Kaye has used a technique of Resonance Repatterning with individuals and couples.  She has worked with families and patients in the powerful "threshold states" of births and deaths, where very often mystical spiritual experiences provide peace and beauty.  The role of psychedelic medicine creates another threshold state where research is showing profound outcomes of peace and beauty.  In Repatterning work she helps clients create intentions for life and death, or as research refers to as "set" , the mindset of intentions for a psychedlic journey.    The following were intentions Kaye helped a patient create for their own death:

I accept the Divine plan for my life with love and patience.
 My  loving will just get bigger with my dying.
No one will lose anything because they will know and feel my love always.
I can acknowledge the truth of what is happening and share my feelings and needs.                          I can state my need for some control without having to get angry.

Kaye gently combines experience, skill and intuition as she prepares  patients for their next journey and integrates their mystical experiences.  

Navigating through Life's Transitions

As life continues to unfold, change is the one certainty.  Providing support and resources through these turbulent changes is my passion.   I acknowledge that the opportunity to walk along side another person during challenging moments of one's life journey is a sacred honor.  

I look forward to exploring your questions and ideas.  

Sincerely, Kaye


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